Our goal is to help business leaders celebrate the freedom that comes with true achievement.


Success is a positive thing. Usually.


Sometimes, however, high-achieving executives get tied down by success and the knots it makes in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to navigating an ever-changing world, these leaders aren't satisfied by the normal definition of success. They want to keep going--and keep growing. And they want to do it while engaging with their spouses, enjoying time with their kids, and pursing their hobbies and interests.

With real tools and proven systems, Robert Mallon and his team help you remove what is keeping you from the life you've always wanted.

You have what it takes. We just help you find it.


Mastermind Group Coaching


A group of 6 to 10 high-achievers.
Weekly hour-long video call.
All business (and personal development).


Mastermind group coaching

What to expect
(other than results)

Week 1
Business/Leadership Development

Come to the call prepared to strengthen your leadership muscles. Here we'll do the heavy lifting of business ownership, management, leadership, systems, and more.

You may want to stretch first.

Week 2
Boardroom Brainstorm

Here we dive a little deeper into specific business concerns. Members present challenges and questions to the group, and get constructive feedback and potential solutions

Week 3
Life Categories

Course content always involves one of ten life categories (financial, family, educational, spiritual, fun and recreational, community involvement, physical/health, and friends/relationships) and is specifically NOT business in nature.

Week 4
By the Book

The mastermind group draws additional insight from like-minded authors by reading one relevant book each quarter. Coursework focuses on how to apply what you've learned to your personal and professional lives. 


quarterly goal setting

Setting very specific goals is crucial for the long-term success of any program, and the Mastermind Group is no exception. We set targets every quarter and lay out strategies for achieving them—and we also make sure to celebrate when we knock them out of the park.


annual MASTERMIND retreatS

Throughout the year, Robert hosts one-day and overnight retreats to help Mastermind clients more fully connect with their goals and purpose.

What comes out of these mastermind groups is truly amazing. This isn’t just a gathering of business leaders; it’s a growth-oriented, like-minded community. They’re all in the same metaphorical boat, trying to get somewhere better. And, they work together to make sure they do.
— Robert Mallon

Our purpose

To help high-achieving professionals gain control over their lives in a world of rapid, unpredictable change.


We provide real tools for business growth and employee development, implementing a sophisticated system of time, process, and organizational management. We help them envision their ideal future, and then we systematically create ways to build it. 

This isn't magic. This is a mindset.

We use proven methods and hold them in place with accountability. Our clients actively contribute to the achievement of their greatest goals—and create the life they always knew was possible.


Leadership Development


We know that you want to be a great leader. To do that, you need a high performing team. We believe your team can reach its full potential. We can help you move forward.

How do we do it?

First, we'll hold a 90 day goal setting session with each of your team members. Next, we'll do ongoing E10 Meetings to equip, encourage, & empower your team. Finally, you'll get to watch your team members succeed.

Schedule a free consultation.

We know you're busy so it will only take 15 minutes.


1-on-1 coaching

You don't have to know where you want to go. You just have to know you have somewhere better to be.

1-on-1 coaching with Robert is an intensely personal—and equally life-changing—experience. He meets clients exactly where they are to promote and provoke dramatic and meaningful change. Whether you schedule a weekly phone call or a monthly video conference, these sessions are a powerful investment in the life you deserve.


Keep doing what you've always done, and you'll keep getting the same results. 

The next 15 minutes Could make all the Difference.

It's not a sales call. It's just a chat. 
The rest is up to you.

Robert’s counsel has been a game changer for me. His process has re-awakened me to living an intentional and effective life. I’ve been able to apply his teaching not only to my life but to my leadership team and my family as well. Being part of a group of growth oriented men has been a welcome bonus as well!
— Scott Ritzheimer Chief Executive Officer StartCHURCH