Mastermind group coaching

What to expect
(other than results)

Week 1
Business/Leadership Development

Come to the call prepared to strengthen your leadership muscles. Here we'll do the heavy lifting of business ownership, management, leadership, systems, and more.

You may want to stretch first.

Week 2
Boardroom Brainstorm

Here we dive a little deeper into specific business concerns. Members present challenges and questions to the group, and get constructive feedback and potential solutions

Week 3
Life Categories

Course content always involves one of ten life categories (financial, family, educational, spiritual, fun and recreational, community involvement, physical/health, and friends/relationships) and is specifically NOT business in nature.

Week 4
By the Book

The mastermind group draws additional insight from like-minded authors by reading one relevant book each quarter. Coursework focuses on how to apply what you've learned to your personal and professional lives. 


quarterly goal setting

Setting very specific goals is crucial for the long-term success of any program, and the Mastermind Group is no exception. We set targets every quarter and lay out strategies for achieving them—and we also make sure to celebrate when we knock them out of the park.


annual MASTERMIND retreatS

Throughout the year, Robert hosts one-day and overnight retreats to help Mastermind clients more fully connect with their goals and purpose.

What comes out of these mastermind groups is truly amazing. This isn’t just a gathering of business leaders; it’s a growth-oriented, like-minded community. They’re all in the same metaphorical boat, trying to get somewhere better. And, they work together to make sure they do.
— Robert Mallon